Youngsters lookin' good for BHS Boys BB

Two sophomores have stepped up to varsity play this season for the Bulldogs, who finish the regular season this weekend against Davenport North.

Drew Wessels has filled the starting point guard position for the Bulldogs, while Alvin Vesey has played a key role off the bench.

ìIt is very nice to think of having these excellent players for three years; I expect big things out of them,î said Head Coach Kevin Skillet.

Wessels has had to fill a demanding position as point guard.

ìHe is terrific at handling pressure and especially at getting the ball to our big scorers,î said Skillet.

He averages 30 minutes a game, and has steadily improved during the season.

ìI've learned so much good things with the seniors this year, but most importantly, I have realized that I have a lot of room for improvement,î said Wessels.

ìAlvin is an excellent athlete who brings strength and defense to our team,î said Skillet.

Vesey started the season on the freshman/sophomore squad and moved up to varsity because of his excellent defense on the perimeter.

Both Wessels and Vesey have been playing basketball since an early age. Wessels began playing in fifth grade and Vesey in third.

During junior high, Wessels and Vesey played together on an AAU basketball league team.

They have been playing with the AAU squad since then and won state last year. Both players are excited because they are going to St. Louis in August for national competition.

ìThe seniors have brought a lot of experience and leadership that will be handed down to the juniors next year,î said Coach Skillet. ìI expect huge things in the future, the nucleus is definitely there for great things.î

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