Apple tree blossoms herald arrival of spring

Farm pollution of rivers and streams parallels city/industry sewage pollution of 100 years ago

Today's pollution of Iowa rivers and streams from farm runoff echoes an earlier chapter in Iowa history when agricultural industries – livestock slaughterhouses and sugar beet processors – caused severe widespread pollution of those same state waterways.

Presidential candidates belatedly get worked up about inequality, but lose touch with reality

Hardly a day goes by that another candidate doesn’t announce his or her intention to run for the presidency. One day it’s Carly Fiorina, the next it’s Mike Huckabee, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton, even.

It’s like the circus — when the little car rolls into the center ring and a clown gets out, then another, then two more, and on and on until the ring is overflowing with 1,000 clowns, or so it seems.

Lee Enterprises earns $1.8 million in 2nd quarter; subscription revenue up and newsprint expenses fall

Davenport-based Lee Enterprises, Inc. posted net income of $1.8 million – 3 cents per share – for its second quarter ended March 29, thanks in part to higher subscription revenues and lower newsprint and interest expenses.

Bettendorf's downtown State Street fire station appears on track to reopen after years of promises

Bettendorf aldermen appear ready to approve a new fire department staff alignment and agreement with their firefighters' union that will enable the city to reopen its long-closed downtown fire station.

The Baltimore uprising's backstory: Race riots as American as baseball and apple pie

Race riots, as we used to call them, are as American as baseball and apple pie.

What started out as righteous protest over the death of a young black man in the hands of Baltimore cops (he had been accused of “making eye contact with a police officer”) quickly degenerated into a full-scale riot. By nightfall the city was on fire, its hopes for a better tomorrow in ruins.

Bettendorf, aka Bettenberg, makes the big time on Emmy winning Netflix series 'House of Cards'

U.S. President Francis Underwood in the popular Netflix series 'House of Cards' has hit the Iowa campaign trail, just like the real presidential hopefuls now crisscrossing our state.

And in one of this season's episodes, Underwood's female challenger, Heather Dunbar, fires up a blue-collar crowd in a small, union hall calling for a higher minimum wage and criticizing WalMart. As she leaves the meeting, the sign in the background proclaims the location as "Bettenberg Union Hall." A smaller message on the same sign advertises "Sweet Corn Roast Thursday."

Proposed Bettendorf comprehensive plan truly would be a game-changer for city development

The proposed "Premiering Bettendorf" comprehensive plan – unveiled at a public meeting this week (4/14) – truly would be a game-changer for community development if adopted as is by the city council.

For starters, the plan would replace the more than two dozen very specific land zoning classifications with three broad land use categories using low- to high-density classifications.

Bettendorf I-80/Middle Road sports complex trial balloon punctured by $112,000 feasibility study

Bettendorf and a local developer pushing the idea of an I-80/Middle Road indoor sports complex got a succinct message from a recently completed $112,000 feasibility study: don't do it.

Iowa governor's administration spending $150,000 a month for "broadband" advice from Kentucky firm

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's administration is shelling out nearly $150,000 a month for a Kentucky firm to serve as cheerleader for his "Connect Every Iowan" initiative aimed at expanding high-speed Internet service to rural communities.

Troubled eastern Iowa zoo cited for three Animal Welfare Act violations by USDA inspectors

A troubled eastern Iowa zoo near Manchester has been cited for three more Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations stemming from an attempted inspection of the facility in February and a weather-shortened inspection in March by U.S. Agriculture Department veterinarians.


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